Our little beach project

Just two years ago we had a major ice movement on our shoreline. The ice rolled our shoreline up like a bulldozer had worked across our yard and our neighbor’s as well. We got busy and began the great process of renovating our shoreline. The finished project was beautiful and our grandchildren have been enjoying our new little beach area. We have many flowers and plants poked in among the rocks.


Our Grandson, Levi Nathanael Crawford

levi1.jpg levi.jpg

Keith and Martha’s new addition… isn’t he cute? Check out those dimples!

Levi was born on Sunday, March 25, 2007 weighing a whopping 7 pounds and stretching to 18 1/2 inches. He was quiet and cuddly when we arrived later that morning to visit. I understand he has a terrific set of lungs. Seems he likes to be held! Imagine that!


Levi wanted his shirt changed so his daddy and grandpa fixed it.

Heather and Tiffany get to hold Levi.


Grandpa and his newest Grandson!

Grandma Deb and Levi


You’ll have to check Keith & Martha’s web site for their photos.

The beach front in February


This is the latest photo of our beach! The ice seems to have a way of moving things to it’s liking – and new landscaping appears. It’s amazing how the ice can move extremely large rocks. When the ice is forming it expands.  Having nowhere to go it shoves along the shoreline.  Some of these rocks weigh hundreds of pounds.  We wanted to rearrange some of the rocks this spring.  Our steps to the water had moved and we wanted to level them.  Now the steps are shoved back to where we can do the work without a lot of heavy lifting!  So it’s not all bad.