Paul’s Graduation

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Paul’s Graduation. The commencement was very touching. Usual graduations have the name of the graduate called and they hand out the diploma and off the stage they go smiling. This graduation ceremony each youth was highlighted. They talked about the struggle to keep in school and the work they each did in getting the job done. The ceremony lasted almost 3 hours. 38 young people gave individual speeches! The staff gave speeches for the other graduates who chose not to give one. It was long but no one wanted to leave. Each was special and very worth while listening to. Paul gave his own speech. Talked about how the school had made a difference and needed to be commended for their great efforts to the young people who attend. We are very proud of Paul and the great efforts he has made this year. He received a special gift from the Career Tech Center of graphic arts software needed to do the work Paul has been trained to do. He was very happy to get this. Paul has been doing public speaking for Michigan Youth Opportunities Incentive this year. This organization has been very helpful to Paul in supporting his artistic abilities and getting him started in his graphic arts career. Great job, Paul!

Paul also had a nice open house. Several friends and family came to celebrate. Thanks to all for the cards and the gifts sent.


2008 Graduating Class of Traverse City High School

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  1. Congratulations young man! You have people from the farthest reaches of the country proud of your achievement. We look forward to hearing of more great things from you. – the soggy Seattlites.

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